Anyone who travels to South Korea’s capital Seoul will easily notice that the city combines two different sides which are equally fascinating: the cityscape as well as the life style of Koreans are both characterized by modernity and traditional culture. Palaces from the Joseon dynasty are surrounded by skyscrapers made of glass, steel and concrete and neighbourhoods of traditional houses (한옥, hanok) lie next to modern business, shopping and residential districts. Seoul represents the fusion between modern technology and life style and traditional culture and values, and it is always in motion, constantly changing. The city offers something, or everything, to anyone: numerous cultural and historical sights, a modern life style, tradition, a shopping paradise (for example Asia’s biggest shopping center COEX), countless entertainment facilities (like Lotte World, the biggest indoor theme park of the world) and opportunities for relaxation.
For whatever reason one chooses to travel to Seoul, the diversity of the city has something in store for everyone. Our Seoul round trip is covering all these aspects – culture, Korean food, shopping, history, architecture, entertainment and nature, nothing will be missed out to offer you authentic insights into the life of the city of Seoul!

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Day 1: Arrival & transfer to hotel

You will be picked up from the international airport in Incheon and transferred to the hotel in Seoul.

Day 2: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Blue House, National Museum & Insadong

The next day, we start our tour with the biggest and most known palace of the Joseon dynasty: Gyeongbokgung (경복궁). The huge palace grounds and their buildungs impress every visitor with their traditional and beautiful architecture. In the rear end of the palace grounds you will find a special area for tourists from where you can take a look at the Blue House (청와대), the president's residence. In the immediate vicinity of the palace is the national museum which, through its huge collection of cultural artefacts, tells the history of Korea and brings it to life. In the afternoon, we will visit the district Insadong which is espeacially popular among tourists: numerous shops offer souvenirs and Korean delicacies. Insadong is also known for its tea houses and enjoying a cup a tea there is definitely an experience no one should miss!

Day 3: Gwanghwamun market, Myeongdong, Namdaemun & Namsan Tower

On the third day of our tour, we will visit Gwanghwamun market (광화문 시장, Gwanghwamun sijang) which is especially popular among tourists for its Korean dishes, snacks, etc. and where you can purchase other good quality products for a low-price. Afterwards, we will visit the district Myeongdong which is known for its many shopping opportunities, street food and restaurants where you can get to know the Korean kitchen. In the immediate vicinity is the completely renovated historical southern city gate Namdaemun (남대문) and the Namsan Tower. The tower of Namsan on the southern mountain, or rather hill, offers its visitors especially in the evening and at night a stunning view over the whole city of Seoul.

Day 4: Yeoeuido, 63 Building, National Assembly, Gangnam & COEX shopping center

The following day, we will continue our tour in the district Yeoeuido which is situated next to the Han River and which is popular among Koreans for the walking paths, parks and green areas lying next to river. Apart from the numourous office buildings located in Yeoeuido is also the famous 63 Building, a a gold-clad structure skyscraper with 63 floors. In the lower floors you will find a shopping center and an aquarium and in the upper floors restaurants and an art gallery - the building offers a breathtaking view over Seoul. The broadcasting stations of MBC and KBS are also located in Yeoeuido as well as the National Assembly. In the afternoon, we will visit Seoul's wealthy district of Gangnam where Asia's biggest shopping center, COEX, is situated and where quite a few visitors already got lost in its immense size.

Day 5: Dongdaemun, Bukchon Hanok village, Changdeokgung palace & Rose Garden

The next day, we will visit the district Dongdaemun where the historical eastern city gate of the same name is located as well as Dongdaemun market (동대문 시장, Dongdaemun sijang) and the traditional neighboorhood Bukchon Hanok Maeul (북촌 한옥 마을) - a neighboorhood consisting of traditionally built houses which are still inhabited to this day. After lunch, our tour continues with Changdeokgung palaces (창덕궁) which is especially popular for its beautiful gardens, pavilloons and lotus ponds. Before going back to the hotel in the evening, we will return to Dongdaemun to the Rose Garden (장미정원, Jangmijeongwon), a garden area or park full of luminous LED roses which astonish every visitor.

Day 6: City hall, Deoksugung palace, Royal tombs Yeongneung & Seolleung

On the sixth day of our tour, we will visit Deoksugung palace (덕수궁) which is located in the heart of the city next to the city hall and surrounded by numerous skyscrapers. Also a place everyone visiting Seoul should not miss out on are the royal tombs Yeongneung (영릉) and Seolleung (선릉). These are the royal tombs, jointly referred to as Seongjeongneung (성정릉), of king Seongjeong, his second wife Jeonghyeon as well as their son and king Jungjong.

Day 7: Return trip

After the check-out in the hotel, you will be transferred to the airport.

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