What comes to your mind if you think of Korea? Seoul, modern skyscrapers, smartphones, Taekwondo and Kimchi – yes, these are all things which, among others, describe Korea but the country has so much more to offer when it comes to its highly traditional culture, its long history, beautiful nature, the many different tastes of traditional Korean dishes and more.
The Korean lifestyle, society and culture has many colorful and different sides to explore and get to know which turn a visit to Korea into an exciting adventure, a wholly new experience and an unforgettable memory. Once you have been to Korea and got an impression of Korean culture and lifestyle, you will find yourself wanting go back to learn and experience more as the modern yet traditional country holds an irresistible fascination.
Our Korea round trip is the perfect way to explore Korea in a way that matches his/her interests in the country: The trip will be planned entirela according to your wishes and interests, whether it be culture, history, nature, Korean cuisine, Taekwondo or K-Pop.



Send your inquiry stating which modules you wish to have included (at least two, if you have other interests/wishes, please feel free to tell us) as well as travel data (desired travel date, number of persons) and we will send you an offer including program, flight details, price etc.


Module 1: Gangwondo – Culture


Module 2: Gyeongju – History


Module 3: Jejudo – Nature


Module 4: Jeonju – Korean cuisine


Module 5: Muju – Taekwondo


Module 6: Busan – Culture & Nature


Module 7a: Seoul – Culture


Module 7b: Seoul – History


Module 7c: Seoul – Korean cuisine

Module 7d: Seoul – K-Pop & shopping

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    all year round
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    Flight ticket booking (optional)
    Hotel booking
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    Flight ticket booking
    Tour leader