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About Us

About YMK Travel

As an Austro-Korean couple, we opened our travel agency YMK Travel in 2016 with the idea in our mind to create a bridge between Austria and South Korea and show you differects aspects of Korean culture, kitchen, history and so on.

Apart from the many beautiful and impressive sights which make every visit to Korea unforgettable we would also like to show you Korea from another side which reflects real life in Korea and which offers so many things to discover and to learn from.

Whatever may be the reason for you to travel to Korea, may it be to get to know the culture better, to explore the Korean kitchen or because of your love for K-Pop music or your passion for taekwondo, we would be glad to help you planning your trip or accompany you as your own personal guide. We hope that you will be able to gather experiences in Korea which will make your stay there unforgettable in many ways and which will even make you want to visit the country again in future.