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YMK Travel Korea is a travel agency in Salzburg that specializes in travels to South Korea and intends to provide authentic insights into the culture and lifestyle of the peninsula to Austrians who want to travel to Korea. While offering round trips to Seoul and the entire South Korea, as well as K-Pop tours as K-pop music is growing more and more popular nowadays, we also accept individual requests and are glad to plan your trip entirely according to your wishes, no matter the reason you decide to travel to Korea: may it be for different aspects of Korean culture, the Korean kitchen, Taekwondo events - we will plan your trip so as to meet your interests. South Korea is a country between modernity as well as tradition, it is highly innovative but still holding onto cultural and social values. These both aspects which are reflected in Korean lifestyle create a diverse and unique culture that captivate every visitor of Korea and offers new experiences everyday.

Our Tours

Korea - culture, tradition and history
16 days
K-Pop - music from Korea conquers the world
7-16 days
Korea - exploring a colorful & different culture
7 - 21 Tage
Seoul - a city between modernity and tradition
7 - 21 days

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